Safe Express

Safe Express

Anti-SPAM Email Client

E-Mail Encryption Client




About Safe Express

It's a fact that when you communicate with Email in the usual POP3 form, Web-mail, or even via SSL, your messages can be intercepted, read, changed, and counterfeited by others. Now there is a secure way to communicate over the Internet. There is an email client that fully protects your correspondence from prying eyes. Safe Express, designed with modern military level cryptography, securely protects all transmitted data.

Safe Express is a powerful, highly configurable, yet easy to use email client.
Safe Express is a public key email encryption client that automatically encrypts all your messages.
Safe Express is an anti-spam email client that automatically classifies incoming emails as spam or non-spam.

Here are some of the great features:  

  • Safe Express is user-friendly, it possesses a wide range of capabilities similar to other email clients.

  • No specialized computer knowledge or skill is needed to operate system.

  • Essential mail protocols (POP3, IMAP, SMTP) are supported with their secure layer;

  • Protects your computer from viruses and worms that spread via email;

  • Easily and automatically filters out junk mail. Safe Express puts spam into a predetermined "Spam" mail box;

  • Automatically encrypts and decrypts all messages;

  • You won't need to swap passwords/cipher keys with your secure email partners;

  • You won't have to do any additional operations to make your email secure;

  • Does not use the Windows address book and Windows-dependent HTML viewer, which have been the targets of many recent attacks;

  • Preview and manage mail on POP server before downloading it using Mail Dispatcher;

  • Supports unlimited number of accounts and users;

  • Easily configurable user interface;

  • Import message bases from all major email clients;

  • Drag and Drop Attachments: Drag attachments from an email on your desktop or from your desktop into an email;

  • Attaching unlimited quantity of files or folders to the body of an outgoing letter;

  • Import: Easy import from other common email clients;

  • Personalities: You can create various names from which you send and receive email with the Personalities settings. As an example, you might use one personality (email address name) for friends and family and another personality for business correspondence;

  • User choice: Choose Paid or Sponsored mode version of Safe Express.


 Copyright ⰰ3-2015 Safe Soft Corporation. All rights reserved.   

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